Can you master basic broadway acting skills?

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Answered by: Kacie Morgan, An Expert in the Acting Basics Category
Seeing a Broadway show is a magical, exhilarating experience for someone in the audience. With the lights, the dancing, the music, the entire show is full of excitement. The only thing that may be more exciting, would be being on that stage yourself. For someone who loves theater, the idea of being an actor or actress on Broadway is more than a dream. However, if you take things into your own hands, it could soon become a reality!

So now the question comes, Could You Be the Next Broadway Star?

For those of you who have never stepped on a stage before in your life, the idea of starring in a play or musical could be terrifying. However, if you take it one step at a time, you may realize this is what you are meant to be doing in life. It all comes down to basic broadway acting skills and if you could master the basics, then you are golden!

The first step to making your dream come true, is to sign up for some basic broadway acting classes, this will get you more comfortable acting in front of others and feeling more confident on stage. One of the most important things to remember in theater acting, is that you need to be 100% comfortable with yourself and that means being able to make fun of yourself. Things will go wrong on the stage at some point and acting classes help to make sure you know to handle it.

Second, look for local theater companies in your community and see if you can get involved with them. Acting is about so much more than just the two hours you are on stage. In order to be a great actor, you should understand all of the hard work that goes into putting on an amazing show, including the stage crew, the orchestra, the marketing strategies, the creative design team, and more. Volunteering at a community theater is a great way to gain experience to every aspect of the theater.

Finally, get tickets to as many plays and musicals as you can, and not just the ones on Broadway! Look for community shows, off-broadway plays, school musicals, etc. Take advantage of every opportunity to see a performance as I can promise you will learn something from every single one. This is also a great way to meet other ‘Theater Geeks’ which will help you network and hear about future castings when the time is right. There are hundreds of groups on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn that are made for Broadway Actors or Broadway Lovers- Join all of them! Start making friends with people who love Broadway as much as you, and you will soon find your world changing to one that lives on the stage.

Broadway Acting is definitely not an easy hobby or career to take up, however if you have the passion inside of you, it will be worth every minute you spend doing it. Good luck in your future and I hope to see you on the stage soon!

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